commission process

design discussion

our commissioning process begins with a short design discussion which can take place via email, phone call, or an in person chat. the focus of this meeting is to discuss your vision and evaluate whether bran.d is the right fit for the job. at this stage we will work together to determine the scope of the project and what realizing that vision will entail. we will also determine how you would like to proceed with the next step, design consultation.

design consultation

design consultation is a service in which we develop the design you envision.  the no-cost approach features the work in our design catalog, which is a collection of designs which have already been spoken for.  these designs can be reproduced on request with certain deviations from the original work -  wood species, finish, and minor dimensional variations can be tailored to suit your applications at no additional cost..

the most straightforward approach to an original work will be through hand sketches, image boards/inspiration, and the use of tried and true methods of fabrication and joinery.  a more complex design process may include 3D modeling and rendering of your project, research into fabrication joinery techniques that we have yet to perform, in addition to other explorations.  the fee for these services will be project specific and shall be determined after the initial design discussion, but rough cost estimates are shown below for reference. 50% of the fee will be due prior to embarking on the journey to develop your project, and the remaining 50% will be due at competition of the design consultation process.


example fees:

  • simple: in-depth discussion of your goals for the project and how they will influence form, image boards, discussion of materials, and hand sketches of several design iterations, rough estimate of the cost of the finish piece -- roughly $20-50.
  • complex: (in addition to the previous) visits to the lumber yard to select choice materials, 3D modeling and rendering of several iterations for visual aid and constructability evaluation, discussion of advanced joinery, finishing, or fabrication techniques, more developed estimate of the delivered cost -- roughly $75-100 


    after design consultation is completed and with your approval, we proceed to fabrication. if there is a particularly difficult technique to be used, we will spend some time prototyping the technique to ensure the finished product is satisfactory. fabrication can take up to four weeks from initial cutting to finishing and delivery. lead times will vary project to project depending on difficulty and work schedule availability. the cost of fabrication will be agreed upon based on the estimate provided during design consultation -- if extreme circumstances require adjustment to the fee we will reach out to discuss the issue. 50% of the fabrication cost will be due prior to beginning fabrication with the remaining 50% due at delivery. 

    if interested, please send an email to to open communications!