UW Neighborhood Design Build Studio 2023 - World Cultural Kitchen

UW Neighborhood Design Build Studio 2023 - World Cultural Kitchen

While I don't typically share coursework here, I thought this would fit well as my Neighborhood Design Build Studio experience during undergrad helped inspire me to take up woodworking in the first place. As a Master of Architecture student at UW, I had the opportunity to take NDBS a second time and I jumped on it. Scroll to the bottom for more information about the design. The very end of the post contains a few bonus photos of our final presentation model.


The project brief was to create outdoor shelter with emphasis on open, covered space to be used for gathering and food prep by different stakeholders - UW students, local tribal elders, catering companies, etc. Our site was a large, open field where a row of large trees once stood. The "blank slate" site was actually a formidable challenge, and we didn't pin down the final location of the structure until the last few weeks of the quarter. Ultimately, we devised a circular structure divided into seven segments with two conjoined sections removed. Three sections were roofed with smoked polycarbonate while two were truss trellises. The open section faces the parking lot entry and the expanse of the field, allowing gatherings to spill out into the open space while still feeling anchored by the pavilion. 

Custom dual- and quad-columns of galvanized steel fence posts with laser cut connector plates were fabricated by students. These columns provide enhanced durability vs. wood columns, create a contrast between the upper, wooden roof structure and the steel vertical system, and also help to ensure the structure is vandal proof (or at least highly-resistant). A number of prefabricated wooden 2x2 trusses rest on two rings of girders spanning between the columns. The trusses support the roof but also contain extended web members that branch out and connect lower into the column, creating triangulation for lateral structural bracing. The wall panels incorporated into the three roofed sections also resist lateral forces, keeping the structure very rigid.


Project Team:

Professors: Steve Badanes, Jake LaBarre, Damon Smith, Miriam Gee, Sean Eakman

M. Arch Students: David Alvarez Bedolla; Pamela Aymar; Austin Bass; Morocco Branting; Maddie Crane; Marianne Fitzwilliam; Emily Presspritch; Kana Takagi

B. Arch Students: Ivan Cherniske; Brandon Garza; Ian Green; Rahda Iyer; Yessenia Islas; Patrick Norton; Caitlyn Truong


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  • HBloom

    This project was beautifully designed and it will serve its purpose to many!!! Well done.

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