Scrap Bin Prototype - Hygiene Product Organizer

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Scrap Bin Prototype - Hygiene Product Organizer

Hey there folks,

If you follow us on instagram you've probably seen the recent post on my latest prototype -- a hygiene product organizer in baltic birch ply, mango, and walnut. If the post piqued your interest and you'd like to see more shots of the project, scroll below for more! A longer description of the design is at the very bottom.



As compact as it is, this project offers plenty of storage for my own products -- I planned on making it slightly larger but since everything except the top slab of Mango was from the scrap bin, I tweaked the dimensions to minimize waste with the material I had to work with. The pull is also old stock/reused that I found sitting around our materials pile. Final dimensions are 17" x 6" x 4". This was my first experience making a drawer with wooden slides in a groove -- I understand the joint construction is not ideal for strength, but for beauty products I feel it is more than adequate for the job. The drawer joints are inspired by a drawer box I reproduced previously which was for an antique benchtop tool organizer. They used metal fasteners to secure the sides to the face and back, whereas I just went with glue. 

The miters are not perfect on this guy, but it is the closest I have been so far to perfect 45s. This is always a difficult cut because one cannot trust the set gauges built in to the saw, and I do not have full faith in my angles and squares either. A bit of wood shavings mixed with glue and some sanding and you can hardly tell anything is amiss. I also ran into some tearout with the plywood (classic). In the future I plan on scoring the cut with an exacto or similar fine blade. Here and there you can see little blemishes in the BLO and poly finish because I didn't get all the glue off. I certainly thought I did, but next time I will be extra observant in my sanding. This piece is a prototype anyway, and for a prototype it came out great. 

The overall time commitment on this was perhaps an hour of design iteration and dimension tweaking based on materials on hand, three hours to get the cuts done, about an hour to do some profiling/routing/dadoes, two or three hours of sanding, and four or so hours of finishing spread out over several days. 

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