First Commission - The Wright Chessboard

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First Commission - The Wright Chessboard

I had the pleasure of delivering my first completed commission to the client last weekend. Without further ado, I present the Wright Chessboard, designed and fabricated for an old friend of mine. The playing surface is 18"x18" (USCF Tournament standard 1-1/4" squares) with a band of black walnut and maple creating a top of roughly 24"x24". The band of black walnut is also the joint line where the top comes off to reveal the piece storage are inside of the base. Some chamfers and fillets with the router give the board a nice feel and make it easier to pick up when it is sitting on the table. 





You've probably taken a peek at the other two chess boards I produced, which were done in order to learn how to construct a chess board and finish it to a quality standard. There were plenty of mishaps along the way, but it was a great learning experience. The biggest takeaway was how much time can be saved if you create the appropriate jigs. In this case, I made a flattening jig which did the 8 hours of hand planing, chiseling, and rough sanding in 2. Not only does that improvement in efficiency make my life easier, but it brings down the overall cost of producing these boards, some of which is added to my own pockets and some of which is returned to the customer as price cuts. 



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